Georgia Man Yells ‘Fa*got’ At A Person He Suspected Of Being Gay Before Launching Vicious Attack

A 20-year-old Athens, Georgia, resident was walking past a local dive bar early Saturday morning when Chad Andrew Weaver, 24, of Gainesville, yelled ”faggot” at the victim because they were “dressed in women’s clothing,” according to a police report obtained by OnlineAthens. (The police report does not include information about how the victim identifies.)

When the victim reportedly responded to the slur, Weaver punched the victim in the face, said police.

georgia bar

The police reports states that Weaver was on top of the victim on the sidewalk and had to be pried off by onlookers.

An acquaintance of the victim and other witnesses told police that Weaver was the aggressor who began yelling anti-gay slurs before throwing the first punch.

Weaver was arrested on a charge of simple battery, police said.