Elite Illinois High School Wrestler Is Out, Proud, And In Love

Dylan Geick has been an elite Illinois high school wrestler for the last three years and will be heading to Columbia University next year to wrestle for the school. He also happens to be gay.

“It shocked a lot of people,” Dylan told Outsports about his coming out.

Fighting for Stevenson High School out of Lincolnshire, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago, Dylan says he’s never heard a negative comment from his teammates or coaching staff about his sexuality.

I've had a strange weekend in Atlanta but I qualified for Nationals so, yeah. Time to chill for a while.

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“The motto for Stevenson wrestling is ‘Always Together.’ We live it, we share it. We’re a family,” he recently told the Chicago Tribune.

As for his competitors, for the most part they’ve kept any homophobic beliefs they might have to themselves. It helps that Dylan’s gone 42-3 this season.

“As a higher-level wrestler, with a decent amount of respect from the wrestling community, I think they had the respect for me as a wrestler and an athlete that that stuff wasn’t going to matter,” he said.

One fellow wrestler did choose to taunt Dylan over Instagram though. But it didn’t end well for him.

“It fired me up, and I focused it into the match,” said Dylan. “I blew that kid out when we got on the mat.”

And you can bet the Instagram incident didn’t stop Dylan from posting cute photos with his boyfriend, Grant.

For more on Dylan, you can read the full Outsports article here.

I finally found somebody.

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