ISIS Terrorist Arrested In Turkey Is Accused Of Nearly Beating A German Gay Couple To Death

A local newspaper has found that a German ISIS terrorist arrested in Turkey nearly kicked a gay couple to death three years ago. The man was thought to have died after the attack, but that turned out not to be the case.

Adnan Sutkovic is accused of being an ISIS soldier. Now the paper Weser-Kurier out of his hometown of Bremen, Germany has exposed him for almost killing a gay couple in 2014.

The couple, who are in a civil partnership, are said to have been waiting in line at a supermarket when they noticed two men, one of them Sutkovic, behind them wearing robes, as well as a woman wearing a full face and body veil.

“Are you gay or what?” one of the men asked the duo.

“Better gay than veiled,” they responded.

Following the exchange of words, the couple say they were attacked by the group outside. Sutkovic and his male companion are accused of viciously kicking the couple, directly aiming for their heads, this even after they were unconscious.

Both men suffered cranial bruises. There was also a broken jaw, a broken cheekbone and a broken eye socket between the pair. They were in the hospital for two weeks and police say they could have died as a result of their injuries.

Yet despite the severity of the crime and the fact that the assailants were apprehended 30 minutes after the attack near the crime scene, police only took their identities and seized their outerwear. The police let them go and there was no real investigation. Despite being repeatedly summoned for interrogations, the alleged attackers never showed up.

Then in the summer of 2015, the couple received a letter from police saying the case was closed because one of the suspects had died, most likely fighting for ISIS. They also said the other subject, Sutkovic, had vanished and they were unsure about his whereabouts. Eventually, however, police assumed he too had died.

Following the attack, the couple moved to another district of Bremen because their attackers lived in the same district as they had enjoyed living in for 16 years.

It remains to be seen if Sutkovic will be punished for the attack now that he has been confirmed alive. At present, police are already leading an investigation against him on charges that he prepared a violent crime endangering the state.