Homophobic Man Interrupts Pro-Gay Church Service To Spew Hate, Congregation Responds With Love

A homophobic Oregon man decided to barge into a pro-gay church to denounce homosexuality moments after the church’s pastor had finished delivering a sermon which included a video about discrimination.

“Listen up! I’m here to tell you that homosexuality is wrong,” the man declared 25-minutes into the service. “And what you’re doing is wrong..homosexuality is an abomination to God,” he added as he stormed the stage.

Park Rose community church Pastor Don Frueh, the openly gay spiritual leader at the Portland, Oregon church, says he was initially shocked by the unknown man’s aggression and hateful rhetoric.

But instead of escalating the encounter, congregants circled around the man to show him with their love and kindness instead of hate.

“When somebody is being hurtful, I see that there’s a hurt in them,” Frueh told KATU. “I honestly believe God loves him.”

Watch KATU’s report below: