Philly Fox Reporter Makes Tasteless Homophobic ‘Joke’ Live On-Air

A Fox reporter in Philadelphia is facing criticism for what many consider a homophobic joke.

Last week, reporter Steve Keeley was chatting live with Good Day PA host Mike Jerrick. Noticing the TV anchor was wearing a pink sweater, Keeley went in for a “joke” he had apparently learned in grade school.

“Put your left hand on your hip,” Keeley instructed Jerrick. “With your other hand, while your left hand’s still on your hip, try to touch your right shoulder with your knuckles with your other hand.”

Keeley then proceeded to tell Jerrick that the school mate who taught him this would say to him, “Hi, guy!

But Jerrick did immediately shut down Keeley’s attempt at a joke, saying “I don’t think this is appropriate” and that he’d “just be a teapot”, gesturing as such.

At this time, the local Fox station has not said whether Keeley will face disciplinary action over this incident.

You can catch the awkward, unnecessary moment below.