Drew Barrymore And Ellen Swipe Right And It’s Hilarious!

To promote her new Netflix Series The Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Ellen got newly single Drew to do a Tinder-esque swipe left or right game of some famous guys. The results were absolutely hilarious! (It starts at the 4:14 mark)

She quickly passes on teen heartthrob Harry Styles from One Direction.

But what about John Oliver?

“Ohh, yes!” Drew excalimed. “Totally for me John Oliver would be the one. But he’s married so I’m sorry to his wife, by the way. I’m not being lascivious!”

She’s been in the movie business her whole life, having been in 60-70 movies. She probably has worked with or knows a lot of these guys. Nonetheless, it’s hilarious to watch. Plus, like most of the world she has a thing for Jon Snow. Meow! (Drew even fans herself after his picture pops up!)

Drew and Ellen also dress up like Disney Princesses and play Heads Up! So funny! Check it out below.