‘Gay Jokes Are Back On Ya Bunch Of Homos’: Arkansas Official Fired After Pro-Trump, Anti-Gay Tweets

“Y’all in Trump’s America now… Time to flick that chip off ya shoulder and quit being so offended. Gay jokes are back on ya bunch of homos.”

Them’s fighting words, but unfortunately for the person behind them, it’s a lost fight.
The above was a tweet posted on Inauguration Day by an Arkansas state employee. The man, Hunter Hatcher, would later lose his government position as a result of his words.

Hatcher worked as an outreach coordinator for Arkansas Treasurer Dennis Milligan. He received immediate backlash over the now deleted tweet, the most extreme arguably coming from his boss, who fired him.

“The comments made by a member of my staff were insulting, unprofessional, unbecoming of a state employee and have no place in a public office,” said Milligan. “Everybody has the right to free speech, but you have to balance that also with what you’re saying and who you are as a professional.”

Despite the firing, Hatcher still had the right to a resignation letter, in which he apologized for the tweet and announced he would be returning to the military.

“It is my intent to focus on my military service to my country,” he wrote. “I would like to offer my sincere apologies to all who were offended by my egregious remarks, as it was not becoming of a Soldier. I am very contrite but will continue to focus on my mission with the Army.”