Jennifer Holliday On Why She Agreed To Sing For Trump: I Didn’t Know People ‘Weren’t Over The Election’

Why did gay icon Jennifer Holliday initially accept the invitation to perform at Trump’s inauguration? It’s the question we’ve all been asking ourselves. Now the woman herself has given us the answer: she “didn’t realize that people weren’t really over the election”.

Appearing on The View yesterday, Holliday discussed the backlash she got after it was announced she would be performing at Trump’s inauguration.

“I woke up, and there was, like, this whole thing of terrible tweets and things on my Instagram, and I was like, ‘Oh, Lord, what did I do?’” she shared.

The performer says she received death threats and was called the “N-word” over her decision.

“I live a pretty reclusive life,” she said. “Then one morning you wake up, and everyone hates you.”

Of course we know by the next day Holliday had announced she was pulling out of the event.

“I didn’t realize that people weren’t really over the election. I guess things started back up again. You start remembering things and the fires start burning…the people have not finished with this. They want to get it all out….I missed all of that,” said the songstress.

“The gay community since Dreamgirls for 35 years has been faithfully there for me. The article in The Daily Beast, they threw my own words back to me – and I’m not a liar or a hypocrite,” she said. “The gay community…through The Daily Beast was able to say ‘it’s not just we want to be married, there are other things going on that you’re not aware of.’”

You can watch Holliday’s interview below: