Mariah Carey Rings In 2017 With Catastrophic New Year’s Eve Performance

Mariah Carey’s performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve just before the ball dropped was a major disaster tonight in Times Square.

Carey had been assigned to perform two of her hit songs, “Emotions” and “We Belong Together,” but something clearly went wrong a few seconds into her performance. writes:

It appeared that the music was off and clearly she was supposed to be lip synching. Soon into the song, Mariah Carey almost seemed to go on strike, saying she couldn’t hear. Her dancers continued to carry on with their performances while she walked around on stage, only slightly going through the motions. Carey then said that she was just going to let the crowd sing instead as she tried to explain that the vocal track was missing and she couldn’t hear.

The music continued to play, with certain parts featuring pre-recorded vocals of hers. Carey clearly gave up on the performance early on and, when the song ended, there was still one more to be performed.

“The singer had suffered from a tight and difficult rehearsal schedule earlier in the night was unable to hear through her in-ear monitor … She didn’t have the kind of time that she usually gets for her “Mariah-ness,’ a source told The Hollywood Reporter.

Watch the disaster unfold below:

Mariah took to Twitter shortly after her bungled performance, tweeting: “Shit happens ? Have a happy and healthy new year everybody!? Here’s to making more headlines in 2017 ?”

But this tweet just about summed up what we were all thinking: