Former Finding Prince Charming Contestant Slams The Gay Bachelor’s New ‘Sex Worker’ Calendar

Credit: TMZ

Finding Prince Charming star Robert Sepuleda Jr. is hoping to bring awareness to sex workers by recreating his escort past in a new calendar.

Reports of Sepulveda’s sex worker past came to light a week before the premiere of “Finding Prince Charming” earlier this year, rumors he later confirmed just before the show’s debut.

TMZ reports that the 33-year-old posed for the semi-nude scenes that he says mimics real situations he found himself in while he was an escort.

“I do not regret taking control of my life at a time when my life had no control and no security,” Robert said of his decision to become a male escort. “I chose to do what I thought was best for me, to support myself, to make it and for that, I have no regrets. I answer to me, my body is mine, and I take ownership of my body and do with it as I see fit.”

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“I see my past, the good and the ugly as lessons, even being raped at age 19 – forced to have sex or not get home safely, as a lesson – gifts from god that have taught me so much and have made me the fighter I am today. We live in a sex-obsessed culture, that places priority on looks; breasts, asses, the body, sex appeal, but when it comes to facing, and confronting the subject, it’s taboo, an off-limits topic and even worse if you dare to profit from what we hold in such high regard, profit from the very thing we sell our children in magazines and on TV, profit from beauty.”

15034807_208075496302499_4487585730138210304_nRobert Sepuleda Jr. (left) and Chad Aaron S

“I am horrified to be associated on a project with this person. Honey, your 15 minutes are up,” said former Finding Prince Charming contestant Chad Aaron S on Facebook on Wednesday. “Please go fade back into obscurity. Such a joke.”

Chad, whose profile on the Logo website describes him as “a down to earth real-estate agent with a kind heart and contagious smile,” tweeted in September that he was let go from his job because of his association with the show. According to his tweet, his boss knew he was going to be on the gay dating show, yet fired him anyway, reports TheWrap.

The limited edition calendar is entitled “Rented” and costs $50. Robert says all proceeds will go to The Sex Workers Project.

Check out the racy teaser video below: