There’s A Lovely Gay Mistletoe Kiss In The BBC’s New Christmas TV Ad (And No One Has Complained!)

A new television ad is giving us all the feels! The Brits have done it again, this time with an ad for the BBC’s Christmas schedule. Why do we care? Because it features two men kissing and no one (except, well, us) seems to care. We think that’s frigging great!

The ad, which plays alongside Lucy Rose’s cover of “Merry Christmas Everyone”, celebrates Britain’s diversity. With that in mind, its creators have chosen to show two men kissing under mistletoe.

As of this writing, it would appear no one has complained to the BBC about the ad – not even some notoriously conservative elements of the British press.

Twitter’s loving the ad. Hopefully the good publicity will mean only more of this in 2017.

Watch the full ad below.