Trump’s Army Of Trolls Cheered This Trans Woman’s Suicide Note

The day before Thanksgiving, Amanda Waite’s transgender partner of nine years, Lizzy Waite, took her own life and set a note to post on Facebook hours later.

“I’m so sorry to all the people I hurt by killing myself. I truly am. I’ve been hurting so bad and I can’t form words to communicate it to you,” Lizzy wrote in her Facebook suicide note. “I’m so lonely.”

“This time she hurt herself too much and she died,” Amanda told her and her partner’s 5-year-old son, John, on Wednesday afternoon.

“I called police to do a safety check,” said Amanda, after she saw Lizzy’s Facebook note.

“When they opened the door, she was already gone. She knew exactly what she was doing when she set it for the time she did, so someone could save her cat.”

Amanda decided to write a Facebook comment in response to her partner’s last Facebook message, calling it a “last letter.”

“I was writing my last letter to her because I felt like I needed to talk to her again,” she said. “Then I noticed comments rolling in.”

“Lol good riddance,” wrote a user with the fake name “Oi McVeigh.” The user’s profile picture was a shot of Donald Trump pointing and laughing, reports the Daily Beast.

“At first I thought maybe it was just a friend of a friend,” said Amanda. “I replied back telling them they’re assholes, because they’re assholes.”

“I am glad he is gone,” wrote a user named Jaroslav Tipek, who had changed his profile picture to a Photoshop of Lizzy’s face.


The abusive comments kept rolling in.

Then a user posted an image of the MGM logo with Donald Trump’s face replacing the lion and covered all over with the word “Haha.” The comment received twenty-nine likes.

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User Donny J Trump wrote: “#TRANSLIVESDONTMATTER.”

“It was spiraling out of control really fast,” Amanda said. “We had to do something.”

The Daily Beast adds:

At first, Amanda said, she sent in a request for Lizzy’s account to be memorialized on Facebook, a feature that limits who can comment on any post.

“It’s the day before Thanksgiving. It’s evening. I understand,” she said. “They need proof she was dead, but all I had was a picture I had taken of her at the funeral home.”

So Amanda started trying to guess Lizzy’s passwords, which she’d changed since they lived in different houses. None of them were working.
By now, people were mocking Amanda and Lizzy’s son.

“We called our son Tatoe because, in the ultrasound, he looked like a little-roasted potato,” she said. “They were making fun our child’s nickname. It’s absolutely horrible.”

That was one of the tip-offs that this attack was seemingly being coordinated from a specific anti-transgender hate site that had been taunting Lizzy over the past several years. The message board had a thread mocking, incorrectly, that Lizzy had a son named “Potato.”


Meanwhile, the trolls were seizing on the last few paragraphs of Lizzy’s note. A half-dozen paragraphs after Lizzy wrote, “The pills are taking effect and I can’t think straight. I love you all,” Lizzy wrote this about Donald Trump:

“Dump Trump. Kill him. Mike Pence too. Goodnight white pride. Steal the hats and destroy them. Best (sic) fascists with a baseball bat.”
Of these lines, Amanda said, “I know people thought there was a lot of hate and awful things spewed at the end of her note. I don’t think people understand that she was worried about her basic civil liberties. She had been harassed by a boss for using what some people believe to be the wrong bathroom.

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“She was hurting badly enough to kill herself. She said that the pills were kicking in.”

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“When Liz first transitioned, she got her name posted to [we have decided not to publicize the website’s name]. It’s this big collection of horrible, awful troll people,” said Amanda. “They like to pick on people for fun.”

“She was so worried about if she was going to have basic civil rights. She was working so hard. She had her medications stable. She had a great therapeutic team,” said Amanda. “The election felt like a turning point. She got really hopeless after that. It’s really, really conservative here. She was afraid that unless national politics got better, local politics were going to get worse.”

“She was a loving person that people cared about,” said Lizzie’s brother, David McClure. “What you [the trolls] did to me and my family was one of the worst things I have ever seen. I hate the world a little more now.”

“That day was horrible and those fucking Nazis made it worse.”

Amanda wants people to remember Lizzy as a “Renaissance woman.”

“She was good at everything she picked up. If she decided she wanted to learn Japanese, she’d learn Japanese. If she wanted to be a calligrapher, even though she had the world’s crappiest handwriting, give her a month. She was a calligrapher,” Amanda said. “She had such a big heart. She wanted to take care of everyone and I feel like she knew too much, if that makes sense.”

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