Swedish Man Offers To Marry Anyone Attempting To Flee The United States Of Trump

A 30-year-old Stockholm-native is selling the oppurtunity to marry him and become a Swedish citizen.

Photographer, art director, and surf instructor, Gustav Hallén, is selling the marriage on Ebay for a cool $50,000.

Hallén describes himself as a 6-foot tall blond in “overall good physical health and a fine specimen,” despite “some weather damages and minor eye problems.”

Igår #oooaw, idag ? #stockholm #lördag #selfie #säng #dödshopp

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He says he’s open to marrying anyone male or female, so long as they enjoy “long walks and Netflix and chill.”

Sadly, the listing was quickly removed by eBay due to a policy that bans the selling of humans.

I might stay here! First Amish in NY #NYC #swede #swedish #USA #fashion #dude #surferbuminfashion

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Hallén says he wasn’t too upset about the removal since it was mainly a joke to ammuse his friends upset over last week’s election results.

“I set the price so high that I wouldn’t get an offer,” he said.

“It was just for fun. Then I saw a lot of people were sharing it. The best thing was the reaction. People laughed at it.”