Columbia University Suspends Men’s Wrestling Team Over ‘Homophobic, Racist, And Misogynistic’ Texts

New York City’s prestigious Columbia University has suspended its entire men’s wrestling team due to a series of “racist, misogynistic, and homophobic” texts, reports The New York Times.

School administrators are at this point investigating the texts, which date back to 2014 and were sent between members of the men’s wrestling team.


The university released a statement last week calling the language used in the texts “appalling” and said the messages were “at odds with the core values of the university, violate team guidelines and have no place in our community.”


Columbia’s student news website Bwog broke the news by publishing screenshots of the texts, which they claim they received from an anonymous source.


One of the homophobic messages refers to a fellow student as a “gay fuck” and another states, “We got a missing fa*got no Jews back at Claremont.”

Columbia’s athletic department has since decided that the team “will not compete until we have a full understanding of the facts on which to base the official response to this disturbing matter.”



Already nearly a thousand people have signed a petition demanding that the students involved be expelled. Some protesters have even set up shop outside the team members’ fraternity house. Others planned to hand out fliers on campus to “protest the culture that permeates Columbia’s men’s athletics teams”.

Columbia’s wrestling coach and the university’s athletic director were not made available for interviews.