Boyfriend Pops The Big Question At Hillary Clinton Rally

As bad as the rhetoric towards LGBT people has been throughout this election cycle, we have had some feel-good stories.

Unsurprisingly, they’ve come from Democrats. The latest is an adorable gay marriage proposal.


Kyle Rush, a Hillary Clinton campaign staffer, received quite the surprise on Saturday when his boyfriend, Greg Goodwin, proposed at a rally for Clinton in Philadelphia. In a video created by the Democratic nominee’s campaign, Goodwin describes falling in love with Rush after they met in New York three years ago.

Watch it below:

Goodwin wanted to incorporate the Clinton campaign into his proposal because it’s been such a big part of the couple’s life. After three months of planning and with help from some of Rush’s colleagues, he surprised his boyfriend at the rally in Philadelphia on Nov. 5. Rush quickly said, “yes”.

After their big moment, the two got to meet Clinton. Goodwin shared that he had her campaign’s slogan of “Stronger Together” engraved on Rush’s engagement ring. Like most of us, Clinton found the whole thing “adorable”.

More stories like this one, please!