Israeli Scientists Develop ‘Breakthrough’ Drug To Help ‘Cure HIV’

I know it probably seems like you’ve heard this recently, but scientists are again claiming they’re developing a new drug to help “cure HIV”. This time the work is being done out of Israel.

The new drug is said to make HIV infected cells self-destruct without causing harm to the body. It was developed by Abraham Loyter and Assaf Friedler at Hebrew University.

The drug was added to test tubes holding the blood of 10 HIV patients and was found to decrease the viral load by an impressive 97 percent. The results, however, are still to be officially confirmed. The drug’s main ingredient is a peptide.

“We are destroying the cells, so there is no chance that the virus will awaken one day, because there are no cells, there will be no cells that contain the virus,” Loyter told Channel 2.

That’s because the peptide is said to cause several copies of the virus’ DNA to enter the infected cell, consequently causing it to self-destruct.

“The drug enhances certain processes in the body during the spreading of the virus and that enhancement kills certain cells,” Loyter further explained.

In early October, British scientists also claimed to be close to finding a cure for HIV.