Straight Man Viciously Attacked For Being “Pink-Shirt-Wearing Homo”

A man in New Zealand is saying he was attacked simply because he was wearing a pink shirt.

Kent Morgan, who doesn’t identify as gay, says it was on his way home after a shift at a local bar that two men approached him as he walked by an alleyway and called him a “pink shirt wearing homo”.


Morgan, 32, claims he ignored the men, but that they continued harassing him before finally attacking him.

“I just carried on walking because I thought there’s no point answering back because it sounded like they’d had a few beers,” he said, according to PinkNews. “But they seemingly wanted a blue because they yelled out, ‘Don’t f*****g ignore me mate’, but I did and just carried on walking.”

Morgan says he then heard footsteps behind him and knew at this point he was going to be attacked. He says he was then hit by one of the men.

“One guy had me in a body hold and the other guy was hitting me in the eye, but I managed to turn myself to the side and slip out of the hold and wiggle my way free.”

But Morgan says he managed to escape his attackers’ onslaught and fought back.

“I hit the guy in front of me three or four times and then the one behind me was still holding onto me, so I grabbed him by the ears and bit into his cheek. He squealed and just ran off, but they kept yelling at me about my pink shirt.”

This won’t, however, be the last time Morgan wears a pink shirt.

“I had to throw that shirt out, but I’m definitely not going to stop wearing pink because of these guys – I wasn’t too impressed.”