Former Trump Employee Sues for Anti-Gay Discrimination, Assault After Coming Out

A former employee of the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey is claiming he was the victim of homophobic harassment that led to physical violence, this after he came out. When he complained, he says he was fired.

Eleazar Andres began work as a maintenance worker at the Trump golf course in Bedminster two years ago. All was well until he told co-workers he was gay and became a target as a result.

Andres claims he was called a “maricón” and “faggot” and that rocks and golf balls were regularly thrown at him. In the lawsuit where this is all outlined, he also says one co-worker threw a rock at his head so hard that it hospitalized him.
But instead of doing something about this, Andres says his workplace did nothing. More specifically, he claims his direct supervisor heard the slurs and witnessed the physical violence and just stood by. This happened despite Andres filing formal complaints.

When Andres told a manager he no longer felt safe at work and was going to file a police report, Andres says he was let go as a result.

The suit states that the golf club “failed to implement any preventative or remedial measures to protect against unlawful harassment” and that it then in response unlawfully terminated Andres.

Andres’ suit also claims the club is liable for the assault and battery he suffered while there.

And while Trump’s legal team admits that the club’s employees threw rocks at Andres, they are denying the charges. Instead, they claim Andres is a “wrongdoer” and that he’s in fact guilty of committing an unspecified act.

This is certainly an interesting one to follow.