Megachurch Kicks Gay Man To The Curb After Failed Attempt To Make Him Straight

Earlier this month, Jason Thomas shared a letter he was sent just over a year ago by Watermark Community Church in Texas.

In it, the megachurch tells the gay man he is no longer a part of their congregation. The reason? His “desire to actively participate in a same-sex relationship with another man.”

Believe it or not, the church’s decision came after Thomas actually tried to change his attraction for men. He entered its “Re:Generation,” support program, but ultimately stopped attending when it couldn’t rid him of his feelings for his boyfriend.

“I shared my testimony on stage in front of 3,000 people. I believed with all my heart that God would change me. I went to the programs they offered and recommended,” he told ABC-affiliate station WFAA.

Instead of understanding, however, he was met with rejection.

“This means that you are no longer a member of our body at Watermark,” the note states. “We are praying that repentance comes quickly and that you do not continue choosing a path of destruction and one that leads you away from the authority and care of the church.”

About a year later, Thomas shared the hurtful letter on Facebook, saying, “Today I celebrate a very interesting anniversary with you. It was exactly one year ago when you told me that I was no longer worthy to serve, be in a community group, and be a member of your church.”

In a statement to WFAA, Watermark responded:

“Like any member whose beliefs move away from the core commitments, biblical convictions, and values of Watermark, it became appropriate to formally change his membership status.”

“However, we continue to express to him that he is loved and is always welcome to attend Watermark.”

But Thomas has moved on to another church.

“If even at the end of the day I’m wrong, what’s the best way to help me? And that is not kicking me to the curb,” he said. “When I put in all my blood, sweat, tears, effort, kicking me to the curb is not the best way you can love me.”

You can read the church’s letter and Thomas’ post in full below.