New Ikea ‘American Dream’ Campaign Features Mixed Race Gay Couple

What does equality look like in 2016? Apparently an Ikea ad. Have you seen the mixed race gay couple Ikea’s featuring in their new ad campaign?

In an effort to sell more, Ikea is showing less. Of its products that is. Instead, the company is putting people and the American Dream at the center of their latest campaign. Diversity is the name of the game, and we see it in the form of models playing a mixed race gay couple cuddling on a sofa. And then there’s that cool “All homes are created equal banner” in the back of the room. Well-played, Ikea, well-played.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Ikea’s included gay characters in an ad. As far back as 1994 the Swedish giant was already showing it was ahead of its competitors in this regard.

The agency behind the new campaign, Ogilvy & Mather, looked at one central question: “Where did the American Dream go?” Leslie Stone, director of strategic services, told AdWeek, “The idea of asking where did the American Dream go was not to show that it went away, but that people are living it every day in diverse ways.”


The new ad kicks off a year-long campaign that boasts the slogan, “We Help You Make It,” implying that Ikea customers can make their own American Dream come true, however that might look like.

“There are so many different ways that Americans live—multigenerational, gay parents, etc.—that define the real portrait of the America that’s really out there,” Stone said.


But beyond America, Ikea’s been making gay news elsewhere this week, and in the most surprising of places. A real-life gay couple is currently winning a campaign to be the new face of Ikea Russia’s catalogue.

“We at Ikea are for the many. We welcome anybody regardless of their age, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion, marital or family status, or any other dimension of their identity,” an Ikea Russia spokesperson told Gay Star News.

Good luck to them!