These Fabulous Glitter Beards Will Challenge How You Think About Gender


Could you use a break from political coverage? Even we could! How about getting lost in some fun and fabulous photos? We’ve got Mark Leeming’s “Bearded Brutes” for you.

leeming-3-1475600504Mark Leeming

But first, a little bit about the new art exhibit. Challenging notions of gender and beauty, “Bearded Brutes” brings together glitter, digital sorcery and, you guessed it, beards. The series features 20 men showing off 20 different glittered up beards.

leeming-6-1475600510Mark Leeming

Its end goal? Flipping societal understanding of masculinity and femininity.

“There is so much pressure, I think, to conform these days and be so gender specific, but why?” Leeming asked in an article by The Huffington Post. “Why do we have to brand ourselves as gay, bi, trans, straight, gender neutral, etc?”
“I think that sometimes trying to conform stunts creativity and growth.”

leeming-2-1475600853Mark Leeming

If you think you’ve seen something similar before, Leeming freely admits he was inspired by last year’s online glitter-beard craze. His other inspiration? RuPaul’s Drag Race. Leeming would end up studying makeup tutorials because of the show and thus “Bearded Brutes” was born.

leeming-7-1475600511Mark Leeming

If you want to see more of the series and happen to be in London, check out “And What? Queer Arts Festival” from Oct. 5-28, during which time “Bearded Brutes” will be on display.


leeming-4-1475600505Mark Leeming

h/t: Huffington Post