ISIS Member Says Terror Group Routinely Rapes Gay Men As Punishment

Despite condemning homosexuality as a sin worthy of execution, Islamic State militants in Afghanistan regularly rape gay men as punishment, according to a former member of the terrorist organization.

Kamandar Bakhtiar, a former member of Islamic State-Khorasan (IS-K) based in the hills of Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province, recently recounted the atrocities he witnessed in a video interview with Alaan TV.


“During the three months I spent in the ranks of ISIS, I saw the worst things one can imagine on the face of the Earth,” Bakhtiar told the United Arab Emirates’ Alaan TV on Sept. 7. “They kill and behead innocent people, plunder the property of regular people, and they do the worst possible things, such as raping homosexuals.”

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ISIS routinely executes citizens suspected of homosexuality by stoning them or throwing off buildings.