16-Year-Old Mexican Figure Skater Shuts Down Homophobic Trolls Who Called Him A ‘F*ggot’

Donovan Carrillo’s figure skating routine set to the Juan Gabriel classic “Hasta Que te Conocí,” received praise from judges and fans alike at the the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating in Yokohama, Japan.


A video of his weekend performance quickly went viral.

“I just finished watching your ‘Hasta Que te Conocí’ routine and it was brilliant,” one twitter user wrote.

“Hi Donovan! I want to congratulate and thank you for bringing Mexico into the world of skating! You are fantastic,” tweeted another.

Not everyone was a fan of Carrillo’s routine. Homophobic internet trolls began bombarding the teen with anti-gay slurs for skating to a song by Gabriel.


“Another faggot!”, one user wrote in Spanish.


“I read a comment that said, ’You barbarians made the kid gay,” shared one facebook user. “Made? He was already gay! LOL”

The young skater decided to confront his attackers head on, writing on twitter: “It doesn’t bother me that you call me gay because I’m not. It infuriates me that you all see the word gay as a joke or an insult to my hard work.”

“I admire and respect the LGBT community because I’m friends with many of its members, but I’m not part of the community.”

“The fact that I skate doesn’t make me gay,” he concluded. “Just like how a soccer player isn’t automatically straight.”

“I thank everyone for their congratulations and words of encouragement. I hope to not disappoint you. I will continue to train!”

Check out the teens brilliant routine below:

h/t: NNN