Russia Blocks Access To PornHub And YouPorn, Tells Citizens To Go ‘Meet People In Real Life’

Pornhub and YouPorn, the biggest adult websites in the world, have been blocked in Russia.

Russian state watchdog Roskomnadzor, a state agency in charge of monitoring the internet and blocking sites that the government doesn’t want to be used, blocked access to the site on Tuesday.

An offical Pornhub twitter account responded to the news by tempting the agency with a premium account.

“If we gave you a guys Pornhub Premium account, will you un ban Pornhub in Russia?” they tweeted.

This isn’t the first time the agency has blocked Pornhub. Last year, the same agency announced Pornhub had been blocked, reports the Independent.

When someone tweeted the agency and asked them to “suggest an alternative” to the popular site, they replied: “Dear Lyolya, as an alternative, you can meet someone in real life.”