Jewel Slayed The Comedy Central Roast Of Anti-Gay Super Villain Ann Coulter

Comedy Central’s Roast of Rob Lowe this weekend quickly turned into the Roast of conservative pundit Ann Coulter, who has made a career of attacking the LGBT community with hateful rhetoric.

Jewel slayed Coulter with withering one-liners that left the homophobic super villain visibly shaken.

“As a feminist, I can’t support everything that’s being said tonight, but as somebody who hates Ann Coulter, I’m delighted.” Jewel quipped.

Jewel also explained her rationale behind why she didn’t want to kiss Rob Lowe when they once filmed a scene together, sung to the tune of her hit single, “You Were Meant for Me.”

Check out the scorching Roast below:

When she finally took the stage to exact her revenge, Coulter crashed and burned to glorious effect on national television.

It was almost too painful to watch, but it’s worth every second:

Twitter relished in Coulter’s misery:

Check out Vulture’s insult compilation:

Coulter famously called democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a ‘faggot’ back in 2008: