North Korea Launches Netflix-Style Streaming Service Called… Wait For it… ‘Manbang’

‘Manbang and chill’?

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has announced a new Netflix-style on-demand streaming service, called Manbang!

And before you jump to any conclusions, you should probably know that in Korean, ‘manbang’ means ‘everything.’


In English-speaking countries, it has quite a different meaning, obviously.

Manbang will reportedly use a Roku-style set-top box to access state-controlled intranet through IPTV protocol, with limited viewing options, mainly some films about North Korea’s government history and leadership.

Netflix took a jab at North Korea yesterday by changing its Twitter bio to “Manbang knockoff”.


Twitter errupted with laughter as word spread of North Korea’s ‘manbang’ service: