Handsome Firefighter Rescues 3 Adorable Kittens From Burning Home, Sets Internet Ablaze

Anngela Bayer via National Post

Three adorable kittens were rescued from a burning home in British Columbia on Saturday, but it was their insanely adorable rescuer who is getting the internet all hot and bothered this week.

A quick thinking neighbor snapped photos of the firefighter – which just happened to have his shirt unbuttoned and hanging open – as he cradled one of the tiny kittens in his hands and administered oxygen using a “pet oxygen mask.”

Mountain View Veterinary Hospital reports that all the kittens are now safe at home with their new caregiver Dr. Henderson, reports the National Post.

“No life too small to save,” said Langley City and Township resident Anngela Bayer.

The cause of the blaze is still unknown.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to the adorable rescue: