Anti-Gay Senator Who Had Cybersex On State Laptop Won’t Resign Because God Forgave Him


Bill Kintner is refusing to resign from his position as a Nebraska Republican state senator after he admits that he illegally participated in cybersex via Skype a year ago on a state government computer with a woman who attempted to extort money from him.

Kintner, who has made many offensive remarks about women, minorities, the poor and gays, says he has “confessed to God and asked His forgiveness” and will not be resigning despite calls for his immediate resignation from Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts.

“In light of the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission’s decision, Sen. Kintner should resign his office immediately. Period,” Ricketts said in a statement.

“I think I’m where I should be right now,” Kintner said in a statement.

He says that he “knew as a follower of Christ” he “needed to take quick and decisive action” after he was blackmailed, so he decided to contact the Nebraska State patrol.

As a result of their year-long investigation, Kintner is being fined $1000.

Police have released transcripts of Kinter’s conversation with the woman he met on Facebook, reports the World-Herald:

He protested that he couldn’t do this, that it was not right and “would break my wife’s heart if she knew I did this.” But he interspersed those cautions with comments about the woman being “smoking hot” and having a great body.

As soon as the masturbation ends, the woman switched from encouraging Kintner into threatening to use the video against him. She directed him to transfer $4,500 via Western Union to an address in the African nation of Ivory Coast. She told him to tell Western Union that he knew the person receiving the money and that it was a donation.

NCRM reports that Kintner is vehemently against same-sex marriage and allowing gay people to adopt or be foster parents.

“If you’re a Christian, they’re coming after you,” Sen. Kintner told his fellow lawmakers. “So I think it’s very important to remember that whenever they talk about protecting a class, it’s not just a shield, it’s a sword. And they are going to come after you if you’re a Christian. It something that this body, we need to guard the rights of everyone. That includes Christians.”

Earlier this year, Kintner suggested that LGBT people who didn’t like his comments concerning an LGBT nondiscrimination bill should leave the state.

“When I go to San Francisco, sometimes I’ve seen some pretty weird things there,” Kintner told his colleagues. “And I’m not that comfortable in San Francisco. But you know the difference between conservatives and my friends on the left? When I’m not comfortable someplace I leave. I go somewhere I am comfortable, I move to the state I am comfortable, I like it.”

“I go home to a loving wife. I’ve got a great marriage,” Kintner told the Omaha World-Herald today. “My walk with Christ is stronger than it’s ever been.”

“This was a wake-up call. This is a real wake-up call. If it can happen to a guy who’s a Christian who goes to church, I mean, this is something that all men need to understand – that sexual sin is the way Satan gets to us.”