Artist Builds Mini Concrete Wall Around Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

A street artist has erected a 6-inch-high wall around Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday.

The wall is outfitted with barbed wire, small U.S. flags on each corner, and tiny signs that read “Keep Out” in English and Spanish.

The person behind the Trump wall is an L.A. street artist who calls himself Plastic Jesus.

Plastic Jesus’ states that he “confronts our compliance of culture and current affairs” and “uses scale and contradiction as a means to highlight issues and opinions that often go unquestioned” through his artwork.

Plastic Jesus told USA TODAY that his wall is an attack on Trump’s “idiotic idea to build a wall.”

“Recent news events shows [building a wall] will not keep the U.S. safe, as most of the type of attacks that spread fear into the population are carried out by people here legally,” Plastic Jesus wrote in the email.

“The USA is a nation of immigrants,” Plastic Jesus wrote. “That’s what makes this country so great.”

According to Plastic Jesus, the wall was still standing as of Wednesday morning.

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