How To Pick The Perfect Bathing Suit For Your Body Type

Max Emerson and Colby Melvin have teamed up to show us how to pick the best bathing suit to fit your particular body type.


In the body positive video, Colby recommends that bears pick a mid-length or longer board shorts that fit loose to match the width of your hips.


He adds: “Your profile picture should showcase your strength, bears get their strength from their pride, their size, their confidence.”

For smaller stature builds, Max recommends suits that complement your legs, such as speedos.


“If you stand 5’10 or shorter aim for a 4″ to 5″ inseam, and avoid long drawstrings,” says Colby. “But, no matter how long or short you choose, don’t be afraid to go for bold colors, stripes or patterns.”

For those lacking in the butt department, avoid bathing suits that “show off too much of the side butt.”

body positive

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Watch below: