Jeb Bush Says Obama Is To Blame For The Republican Party’s Anti-Gay Views

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush says President Obama is to blame for the GOP’s “polarizing” anti-gay views.

In a wide-ranging Washington Post op-ed piece, Bush claims that “eight years of the divisive tactics of President Obama and his allies have undermined Americans’ faith in politics and government to accomplish anything constructive.”

The president has wielded his power—while often exceeding his authority—to punish his opponents, legislate from the White House and turn agency rulemaking into a weapon for liberal dogma.

In turn, a few in the Republican Party responded by trying to out-polarize the president, making us seem anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker and anti-common-sense.

Just last year, Bush pledged his support for people of faith who want to “take a stand for traditional marriage.”

“Irrespective of what the courts say,” Bush said. “We need to make sure that we protect the right not just of having religious views, but the right of acting on those religious views. Conscience should also be respected for people of faith who want to take a stand for traditional marriage.”

In the op-ed, Bush writes that Donald Trump does not represent the future of the GOP or what it stands for.

“While he has no doubt tapped into the anxiety so prevalent in the United States today, I do not believe Donald Trump reflects the principles or inclusive legacy of the Republican Party. And I sincerely hope he doesn’t represent its future,” Bush wrote.

“Trump’s abrasive, Know Nothing-like nativist rhetoric has blocked out sober discourse about how to tackle America’s big challenges,” he added.