Republican Candidate For State Senate Won’t Apologize For Using “Faggots” To Defend Trump

A Republican candidate for state senate is refusing to apologize to the LGBT community after he used a homophobic slur to defend Donald Trump on social media.

“Donald Trump. Putting self-righteous faggots in their place since 1993. How I love this fellow,” 30-year-old Ted Busiek of Littleton tweeted over the weekend.


“I want to live in a world where nobody is afraid to say what they really think and nobody is afraid to use their own language,” said Busiek.

CBS Boston reports:

He’s pointing to a 1993 video of Trump sparring with a congressional committee over federal tribal gaming policy. He didn’t like what he calls the “self righteous” grilling Trump was getting. “They don’t look like Indians to me and they don’t look like Indians to Indians,” Trump said.

Busiek, who says his candidacy was partly inspired by Trump, claims he was using a word that was more slang than slur. “Ask anybody under 40 and they’ll tell you in today’s parlance that word means somebody obnoxious and irritating,” Busiek said.

“When you run for office you are there to represent everyone,” said Busiek’s opponent, incumbent Senator Jamie Eldridge. “I would respectfully say his comments suggest he would not represent everybody well.”

Eldrige is calling for Busiek to apologize and withdraw from the race

An unapologetic Busiek says it would be giving in to “social media warriors” if he apologized.

“If you know you’re not a bigot you don’t have to apologize to anyone for anything that you say,” he said.