High School Basketball Coach Arrested For Secretly Filming Players In The Shower

A Janesville, Minn. high school boys’ basketball coach is facing charges for allegedly recording players on the team while they were taking showers in the locker room.

Zachary Patrick Roberts, 28, was charged Monday with four felony counts of interfering with the privacy of a minor and four felony counts of stalking a minor with sexual or aggressive intent.

A player on the Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton High School basketball team discovered a camera disguised as a pen in the gym bag of their coach on Dec. 14, 2015. The players reported the pen to school authorities and the Janesville Police Department.

Mankato Free Press reports:

After the game, the Janesville team went into the locker room to shower and change before returning home. One of the players was looking for a pen to write down a play and got one from the gym bag belonging to Roberts, their coach. The player then discovered the pen was actually a camera, according to the complaint.

The players tried to view the files in the camera but couldn’t. School authorities were alerted and initiated an internal investigation. As part of that probe, Roberts turned the camera over to school authorities, who in turn provided it to the Janesville Police Department.

The police chief, Dave Ulmen, viewed the files and found “significant evidence” on two. The first was 15 minutes and included footage of the pen camera being placed and manipulated so it was focused on the entrance to the showers, the complaint said. As the video continued, unclothed boys were seen going in and out of the shower, the complaint said.

The second file was 13 minutes and included more footage of unclothed boys. Toward the end of it, the video showed the players discovering the camera, the complaint said. The other files were either unremarkable or couldn’t be accessed.

During an interview on Dec. 24, Roberts told police he bought the camera to film boys in the locker room. He also said he had done this 40 to 50 times in the past and “admitted he would then use the videos for self-sexual gratification,” the complaint said.

Roberts is to make a first appearance in Faribault County District Court July 18.