NYPD SUV Gets A Fabulous LGBT Pride Makeover, Honors Orlando Massacre Victims

A New York Police Department vehicle has gotten a rainbow-themed makeover before the city’s 2016 LGBT Pride March that kicks off this Sunday.

The car features a rainbow colored NYPD badge on the SUV’s hood, a heart-shaped rainbow and a tribute to the Orlando massacre victims: “Our [heart] goes out to Orlando.”

Many have praised the NYPD vehicle as a sign of the department’s solidarity with the LGBT community, and a sign of how far the department has come:

A reporter asked NYPD Commissioner William Bratton today if the NYPD owes the LGBT community an apology for the 1969 Stonewall raids. His response: “I don’t think so.”

He did say that he thought a lot of “good” came out of the “terrible experience” and that the changes in the department since then, in effect, constituted an apology.