Pam Bondi Caught In Multiple Lies After Anderson Cooper Exposes Her As Anti-Gay Bigot

A day after CNN’s Anderson Cooper humiliated Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi on national television, she is lashing out at CNN claiming they deceptively edited the interview to make her appear as though she was trying to “encourage anger and hate.”

Despite her claim, the interview aired live on CNN on Tuesday afternoon.

Bondi spoke to New York’s WOR 710 radio on Wednesday, saying she was lead to believe the interview would focus on donation scams for the victims and their families but was instead questioned by Cooper on her hypocritical embrace of the LGBT community after fighting against them in court for years.

Anderson lashed out at Bondi for attempting to portray herself as an ally to the LGBT community after the horrific massacre at the Pulse nightclub, pointing out that her office argued in 2014 that forcing Florida to recognize same-sex marriages from other states would “impose significant public harm.”

“I talked to a lot of gay and lesbian people here yesterday who are not fans of yours and who said that they thought you were being a hypocrite, that you for years have fought — you basically gone after gay people, said that in court that gay people simply by fighting for marriage equality were trying to do harm to the people of Florida,” said Anderson, adding, “To induce public harm, I believe was the term you used in court. Do you really think you’re a champion of the gay community?”

“Anderson, I don’t believe gay people could do harm to the state of Florida,” Bondi explained to Cooper.

Cooper later noted that, had Florida’s marriage inequality amendment not been struck down, “there would be no spouses [and] boyfriends and girlfriends of the dead would not be able to get information and would not be able, probably even to visit in this hospital.” “Isn’t there a sick irony that you, for years, were fighting that very idea?” Cooper asked her.

Bondi insisted that she was “defending the constitution” and “what over 69 percent of the voters put in the constitution.”

“There’s a time and place for everything,” she said Wednesday in her interview. “But yesterday wasn’t the time nor the place in front of a hospital when we could have been helping victims.”

It also appears Bondi has been caught in a lie after she claimed to Cooper that the Attorney General’s page has “hands clasped together, all different-colored, rainbow-hands people.”

“I will say I have never really seen you talk about gays and lesbians and transgender people in a positive way until now,” Cooper said. “I read your Twitter history for a last year and you were tweeting about, you know, National Dog Month and National Shelter dog appreciation day or adopt a shelter dog day. It is Gay Pride Month. You never even tweeted about Gay Pride Month.”

“Well actually, if you look at my website now, we have hands clasped together, all different-colored, rainbow-hands people,” Bondi claimed.

But Politico has published a screenshot of Bondi’s website which does not show a tribute to the Orlando victims: also does not show the image she claimed to have posted on CNN: