The Only People Terrorizing Target Shoppers In Bathrooms Are These Anti-LGBT Nutbags

Target’s CEO reiterated his commitment to the transgender community last week, confirming his company will not back down from its recently announced policy allowing customers and employees to use the restroom or fitting room that “corresponds to their gender identity.”

Target formally released its new transgender bathroom policy in April, but it didn’t take long for a backlash from upset customers to flood the store’s social media pages and show up inside their stores.

As we pointed out in March, not a single trans person has ever been arrested for sexual misconduct in a public bathroom in the U.S., despite an avalanche of anti-trans bathroom laws enacted in states like North Carolina and Mississippi.

Sadly, the only people actually terrorizing Target shoppers are anti-lgbt religious nutbags, as noted by NewNowNext.

A video shot at the Cascade Station Target in Northeast Portland earlier this month shows a Bible-quoting, self-styled preacher yelling at store customers and employees, condemning them for their choice of retailer.

In another video shot this weekend, a woman marches through a Target store with her children yelling at customers, telling them: “Mothers get your children out of this store… have enough decency to get out of this store. It’s a dangerous place.”

“What Target has done is very hateful. It’s hateful towards families. It’s hateful towards mothers. It’s hateful towards children… Are you gonna let the devil rape your children?”

“I’m a mother of 12 and I’m very disgusted by this wicked practice,” she added.

In another incident at a Target in Colorado Springs, a man wore a woman’s wig in the store bathroom as a form of protest.

This man records himself terrorizing Target customers at three different stores in one day: