Azealia Banks Banned From Twitter, Dropped From Music Festival After Homophobic Rant

It appears Azealia Banks has had her Twitter account suspended on Thursday following a homophobic and racist twitter rant she launched on Tuesday targeting One Direction’s Zayn Malik.

On Wednesday, the 24-year-old Harlem-based rapper had been officially dropped as the headline act at the Born & Bred music festival in Hackney on Sunday, June 5.

“We have decided to cancel Azealia Banks’ headline appearance at Rinse | Born & Bred Festival,” organizers said. “Rinse | Born & Bred Festival is a celebration of rave culture and has been created for EVERYONE. We celebrate inclusivity and equality.”

Banks accused Zayn of copying her look for his new video, “Like I Would,” calling him “faggot,” “sand n****r” and a “curry scented bitch,” among other things on twitter.

She also threatened Zayn that his whole family would be “obliterated by the good old U.S of A.” She also ranted that Lady Gaga was “over” and that Rihanna had been “f***** in every hole and discarded,” according to Express.

On Wednesday, Banks deleted over 21,000 of her tweets and defended her attacks on Zayn because she says she “was angry.”

“I said what I said to Zayn because I was angry. He felt as if he was too good to acknowledge me yet not to (sic) good to copy my creativity,” she said in screengrabbed messages. “I had to remind him that we were both in the same boat in this industry and people of color.”

The New York Daily News adds:

The 140-character platform suspends users’ accounts, either temporarily or permanently, if they engage in “abusive tweets or behavior.”

The hot-tempered rapper’s missives certainly fit that bill, as her insults at Malik — who is of English-Pakistani descent — included “the token sand n—a from 1D,” “f—-t” and an offensive slur for Pakistani people.


A Twitter rep on Thursday declined to elaborate on the situation.

“We do not comment on individual accounts, for privacy and security reasons,” the rep told the Daily News.

Banks appeared to confirm she had been banned from Twitter when she took to Instagram to continue her rant:

“REALIZE that I insulted Indians, Pakistani, black folk….And my Twitter didn’t get suspended until I said “WHITENESS IS A MENTAL ILLNESS” you guys need to pay the fuck attention to what is Happening here.”

Crakkkas got Me again !!!!

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