News Crew Confronts Bigot Who Attacked Trans Woman On Subway, Says She’s The Victim


A New York City subway rider who was caught on video verbally and physically assaulting a transgender woman last month, has come forward to local media.

The attacker, who identified herself as Sarah Eldridge, said she has received death threats online after a video her disgusting tirade went viral on facebook.

“Don’t judge me unless you know me,” Eldridge told PIX11.

“I meant what I said. That person offended me in a way because she was to me, explicit, to me too much, to me,” the Bronx resident added.

Pearl Love, who identifies as an “Asian transgender individual”, says the attack occurred between 4:30-4:45 pm after boarding the 4 Express train from the 125 st station to the LGBT center where Pearl works.

Love told PIX11 that after she took a seat on the train, she “saw the woman in front of me and she keeps talking about me.”

“She gets even louder and even aggressive and I did not say anything,” Love said. “I don’t even know who she is, she doesn’t know who I am and [finally] then she stood up, got so mad and hit me.”

Eldridge blames the entire incident on Love, who she says refused to stop recording her vicious verbal attack.

“When I stepped on the train, I sat down and I had an attitude because I was robbed earlier that week in the Bronx,” Eldridge said.

She admitted she was wrong for becoming loud and aggressive but she still stands by her behavior.

“I meant what I said. That person offended me in a way,” Eldridge said of Love. “That person was, to me, explicit. To me, too much. To me, I couldn’t stand it. To me, this is not fair to me.”

PIX11 adds:

Eldridge said all the exposure has made her feel like a victim.

“I’ve received death threats on Facebook, by several people, saying that they want to find me,” she said. “They want to kill me and I have deactivated my Facebook at this point. I’ve called police.”

When asked if she would apologize should she cross paths with Love again, Eldridge was unsure.

“I don’t think it’s that time yet,” she said. “I need time.”

Eldridge said she has reached out to a mental health professional and is seeking therapy.