Tattooed YouTuber Dressed As ‘Trans Woman’ For Ignorant Bathroom Social Experiment

Popular YouTuber Joey Salads is going viral with a controversial social experiment in which he makes a poor attempt to dress as a ‘transgender’ female in order to provoke negative reactions from women in public restrooms.

The poorly constructed ‘social experiment’ and outfit, which Salads says was approved by his ‘transgender’ friend, aims to gauge women’s reactions to a man who is wearing a wig and dress, walking into their bathroom.

Salads, whose YouTube channel boasts over 1 million subscribers, follows a woman into the bathroom and is immediately met with a hostile response from the clearly annoyed woman.

“You can’t be in here!” she says. “You can’t just say you’re a girl!”

The YouTuber repeats his experiment to similar reactions from women.

“Get the fuck out of here!” another woman yells.

Salads concludes his video by claiming his experiment proves that “most women are not comfortable sharing a bathroom with a trans person. There has to be a better solution for this debate because women are not comfortable sharing a bathroom.”

Conservative blogs are having a field day with Salads’ video, claiming the video proves trans people should not use the bathroom of their choice.

“If the majority of women aren’t comfortable with transgenders using their restrooms, why are their concerns being ignored for the sake of a very small minority?” writes Michael Cantrell of the Young Conservatives blog. “Liberals claim to be about women’s rights, yet here they are, forcing ladies to do something against their will and stripping them of their right to privacy.”

Watch the social experiment below and tell us what you think in the comments section: