Gay Republican Confronts Ted Crus: What Will You Do To Protect Me And My Husband?

A married gay man who identified himself as a registered Republican and owner of a pizza parlor in New York City, confronted Sen. Ted Cruz on Good Morning America’s town hall about his work protecting the rights of gay voters.

Todd Calogne asked the Republican presidential candidate what he’ll do to protect him and his husband after the New Yorker says he has noticed an avalanche of “religious freedom laws and somewhat institutionalized discrimination” spreading all around the nation.

Replied Cruz:

“When it comes to religious liberty, religious liberty is something that protects every one of us. Religious liberty it applies to Christians, it applies to Jews, it applies to Muslims, it applies to atheists. All of us we want to live in a world where we don’t have the government dictating our beliefs, dictating how we live. We have a right to live according to our faith, according to our conscience. That freedom ultimately protects each and every one of us. We shouldn’t have the right to force others to knuckle under and give up their faith, give up their belief.”

Roberts then asked Cruz: “But when you talk about freedom, what he referred to with his husband a lot of people would say, doesn’t everybody have the freedom to be treated equally, don’t we all have the freedom to be equal?”

Cruz once again dodged the question.

George Stephanopoulos then questioned Cruz over his support of a federal marriage amendment. He asked: “What would that mean for couples like Todd and his husband who already are married?”

“I am a constitutionalist,” Cruz replied. “And under the constitution, marriage is a question for the states. That has been the case since the very beginning of this country – that it’s been up to the states. And so if someone wants to change the marriage laws I don’t think it should be five unelected lawyers down in Washington. Dictating that. And even if you happen to agree with that particular decision, why would you want to hand over every important public policy issue to five unelected lawyers who aren’t accountable to you, who don’t work for you. Instead, convince your fellow citizens to change the laws.”

Watch the exchange below: