Rihanna Has Been Helping A Closeted Gay Fan Come Out To His Friends, Family


A Rihanna superfan has opened up about the support he has been receiving from an unlikely source – singer and songwriter Rihanna!

The 28-year-old music icon has been giving a gay closeted man some heartfelt advice on Twitter as he struggles to come to terms with his sexuality:


The fan, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells Buzzfeed that RiRi has been checking in on his journey as he has slowly been coming out to friends:


The fan says he opened up to Rihanna about his sexuality about a month ago because “he felt like he didn’t have anyone else to talk to who would understand.”

Rihanna has been championing him to come out ever since:


Buzzfeed adds:

The fan told BuzzFeed it’s been hard for him to come out as a gay black man, but Rihanna’s messages have helped him realize that he shouldn’t be ashamed of who he is.


The fan hopes to be fully out of the closet by July when he’ll be meeting Rihanna for the first time during her Anti world tour. <3 riri05

Rihanna fans (and even some of her haters) have been commending the singer for her act of kindness. Kimberly writes: “I never cared for her…I always thought of her as self entitled and pretentious — BUT, if this is true, she obviously has a huge heart and I judged her too harshly! Glad to be proven wrong because she did a very nice thing for that young man!”