Comedian Joel McHale Donates “Every Single Dime” Of N. Carolina Show To LGBT Group

Comedian Joel McHale has donated “every single dime” he made from his Durham, North Carolina show to the city’s local LGBT organization.

McHale is the latest celebrity to speak out against the states new anti-LGBT law, which he called “fucking crazy.”

While Bruce Springsteen cancelled his upcoming North Carolina show in protest of HB 2, McHale decided to perform his set in a homemade LGBTQ T-shirt and use his stage to condemn the discriminatory law.

“Joel is vehemently opposed to HB2 and knows there are many in Durham (which recently passed a measure condemning the law) that share the feeling,” McHale’s rep said in a statement to PEOPLE Magazine. “He felt this was a good way to raise awareness and much needed funds for a local center that is on the front line of this important cause.”

h/t: NNN