A Prince And Farm Boy Fall In Love In A New Fairytale Children’s Book

If you’ve ever taken the time to look for a children’s book with gay themes, you’ll be hard pressed to find something outside of the Heather Has Two Mommies narrative. Where are the fairy tales with gay leads? In New Zealand it turns out.

Written by gay co-authors Adam Reynolds and Chaz Harris, Promised Land is a children’s story that sees a young prince falling in love with a farm boy. Conflict ensues when the Queen’s evil new husband tries to take over the enchanted forest the farm boy’s family protects. A gay love story where the main conflict isn’t about being gay? Sold!

“So much of what we see through the media and our parents when we are children forms our opinions and attitudes towards others and, more importantly, our attitudes towards ourselves. The conflict in our story does not arise from the sexuality of the main characters, it is merely about two young men who meet, fall in love and find their relationship caught up in the middle of a turf war,” said Harris.

A lot of us can relate to never having grown up with a story like this. That reality was certainly a motivating factor for the book’s authors.

“As a child, everything I saw and heard supported a ‘traditional’ relationship between a man and a woman. Our hope is to provide a safe environment for children and parents to discuss the different relationships, and help foster acceptance from a young age,” said Reynolds.

Promised Land will be available in printed and e-book formats, with Oct. 11, 2016 as its planned release date (to coincide with National Coming Out Day) if the funding goal of $25,000 NZD (about $17,000 USD) is met. They’ve already raised over $14,000 NZD, but they’ll have to get over that final hurdle by the time the campaign ends on April 14 to fund the illustration and printing of the first edition. You can pre-order Promised Land on Kickstarter here.