S. Carolina Senator Introduces Anti-LGBT Bill, Says PayPal Is ‘Showing Tolerance For Pedophiles’

The most vile copycat of the year award has got to go to South Carolina State Senator Lee Bright, who just introduced a bill that specifically only mirrors the anti-LGBT portion of North Carolina’s HB2.

S. 1203 states:

“Multiple occupancy bathrooms and changing facilities located on public property, including but not limited to property owned by the State, its authorities, commissions, departments, committees or agencies, or any political subdivision of the State, shall be designated for and only used by a person based on his biological sex.”

Of course, it also pays special attention to trans students.

“Local school boards shall require every multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facility that is designated for student use to be designated for and used only by students based on their biological sex.”

Sen. Bright made his feelings on the matter clear when he made the following statement on the Senate floor on Wednesday:

“I’ve about had enough of this,” Bright said, according to WYFF. “I mean, years ago we kept talking about tolerance, tolerance and tolerance. And now they want men who claim to be women to be able to go into bathrooms with children. And you got corporations who say this is OK.”

Bright knows all about the many corporations pulling out of North Carolina because of HB2. He even brought that up to his Senate colleagues, saving his most heartfelt scorn for PayPal, which recently canceled a $3.6 million expansion that would’ve added 400 North Carolina jobs.

PayPal has shown its support for pedophiles by wanting them to go into bathrooms,” he said.

Yes, that’s who we’re dealing with.

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