Horrific ISIS Video Shows Young ‘Gay’ Man Pushed Off Building, Corpse Pelted With Stones By Villagers

A chilling new ISIS propaganda video obtained by the Mirror Uk appears to show the moment a man is thrown off the roof of a building for allegedly being homosexual.


The video titled ‘The Voice of Virtue in Deterring Hell,’ shows a man being lobbed off a building by IS militants, as other men wait on the street below to pelt his corpse with stones after his fall.


Mirror.co.uk adds:

Another part of the video, released on April 6 on ISIS terrorist channels, shows a blindfolded man knelt on the floor waiting to be beheaded and another prisoner with his arm stretched out on a table as militants prepare to cut his hand off.

The video then cuts to ISIS fighters destroying and burning Christian relics and pulling a cross down off the top of a church as well as destroying bottles of alcohol.