N. Carolina Church Hunts Down Ex-Member To Issue Disgusting Anti-Gay Letter

In more disturbing news out of North Carolina, last Thursday Kelly Toney, a married lesbian woman, was sent a scornful anti-gay letter from her ex-church. A church, mind you, she had stopped attending 15 years ago.

The leadership of First Baptist Church in Bostic wrote that she should turn her back on ‘homosexual sin’, clearly referring to her marriage last year to wife Lori Ann Toney.

It seems the church had only recently found out about Toney’s marriage, but they more than made up for their delayed condemnation in this letter, which makes abundantly clear their opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriage. What’s more, the letter includes an implied threat to take action if Toney won’t repent:

If there is no willingness on your part to receive this appeal and display repentance and abandonment of this area of open immorality, then the Church will have no choice but to take appropriate and prayerful action to address the standing of your fellowship with this Body at such a time that will be determined by the leadership and members of this congregation.


Toney had been a member of the church along with her family since childhood. She left the church in her early twenties because she felt uncomfortable and spoke to nobody she stayed in touch with about her sexuality. She says years later when she did come out to some of those friends, they were supportive.

But despite being an active member in the past, the church has not reached out to her since she’s been gone. “Not once did I receive a letter saying I’ve been missed or to get back involved in church over the past 15 years,” she says.

What a way to open up the lines of communication.

Responding to the letter on Facebook, Toney wrote:

I have never tried to push my choices for my life on anyone or ask anyone to compromise their spiritual beliefs.

I love everyone and try to do the best I can to be good to others and just be happy in this life!

Toney has also announced that she’s happy to remove her membership from the church and won’t hesitate to make this official by signing her name if necessary.