Republican Lawmaker Behind Minnesota Anti-LGBT Bill Believes Gays Are ‘Unhealthy Sex Addicts’

If you parse Minnesota Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen’s (R-Glencroe) admonition that gay men and women are “unhealthy sex addicts,” you might conclude that there is such a thing as healthy sex addicts. After all, as Gruenhagen, citing statistics from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), confirmed that “we have between 65 and 100 million Americans that have a sexually transmitted disease (STD). 65 to 100 million. We’re approaching one third of our population has an STD.”

Actually, and not to put too fine a point on it, closer to 110 million Americans have, at any given time, an STD. But since, by last count, there aren’t 110 million people engaging in homosexual sex, and because you can contract an STD just as easily on your first try as you can on your one thousandth, Gruenhagen’s specious claims really have no weight.

Not that that matters to the conservative Republican who actively lead the fight against marriage equality when Minnesota took up the issue back in 2013 where, by the way, he stood up on the house floor with his BFF and “former homosexual”, Kevin Peterson. (Yes, he fully supports the now-debunked theory that if only gay men and women – and bisexuals and transgender men and women – just tried harder, they could rid themselves of their unhealthy desires.)

But people do change and that was 2013. So when Gruenhagen was asked recently on WCCO, a CBS affiliate, if he still held the same position, the Republican replied: “Yes I do, and I know — I have friends who are homosexual, and I have friends who are former homosexuals, okay?”

Gruenhagen recently authored a bill that would ban transgender employees from using the restroom that is appropriate for their gender.

Rawstory adds:

Gruenhagen asserted that his bill was based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), which he said labels all transgender people as mentally ill.

In fact, the DSM-V was updated in 2012 to recognize that trans people suffered from Gender Dysphoria instead of “gender identity disorder,” making it clear that the state of discomfort from being born the wrong gender was not a mental illness. Like transgender people, homosexuals were also diagnosed as mentally ill based on the DSM until it was updated in 1973.

But according to Gruenhagen’s misinterpretation of the DSM, transgender people have a “recognized mental disorder.”

You can listen to Gruenhagen’s interview below:

Read the a transcript of WCCO reporter Chad Hartman’s interview with Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen, below:

Chad Hartman: I would say this sir, I think you are genuine in what you want [but] I don’t think a lot of these people want the help you are offering. I would say this you have talked about the issue of sexuality and have caused plenty of criticism. I just want to ask you if you still stand by what you said a few years ago that homosexuality is unhealthy sexual addiction. Do you still stand by that?

Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen: Yes I do, and I know — I have friends who are homosexual, and I have friends who are former homosexuals, okay? So it is uh — you know the CDC — the Centers for Disease Control — which is not a right-wing organization, I think we can all agree on that — recently came out with the report that we have between 65 and 100 million Americans that have an STD. 65 to 100 million. We’re approaching one third of our population has an STD.

Hartman: Many heterosexuals obviously…

Gruenhagen: This whole concept of promiscuity outside the bond of marriage is not working out real well, and people say, “Well, that’s a social issue.” Do you understand the billions and billions of dollars in health care costs those diseases brings?

Hartman: You are telling the millions of people in this country who are homosexual — and the rest of their lives are no different than me or yours — but that the reason they have described themselves as homosexual is because they have an unhealthy sexual addiction?

Gruenhagen: Yeah you can go on the internet and there’s treatment for sexual addictions right here in Minnesota, whether it’s pornography or unhealthy sexual behavior. You can receive treatment for that and be free from those compulsions.