Malawi’s Catholic Bishops Denounce Government For Not Imprisoning Gay Citizens

Whatever happened to Christian love? It seems like bishops in Malawi aren’t feeling it.

Last week, Malawi’s Catholic bishops released a joint pastoral letter denouncing their country’s government for not imprisoning gay citizens. By the way, laws that criminalize homosexuality in Malawi still remain on the books and a ban on same-sex marriage was actually signed into law last year. The bishops are taking issue with then-Malawian President Joyce Banda’s 2012 decision to suspend the country’s laws that criminalized homosexual acts.

Here’s an excerpt from the letter:

We agree with those who have faulted the Government for putting a moratorium on laws governing homosexual acts. This means that those guilty of homosexual acts or unions cannot be prosecuted. The Government has bowed down to pressure from donor community, international bodies and local human rights campaigners. As Pastors, we find this path very unfortunate. It is an act of betrayal on the part of those in power to sell our country to foreign practices and tendencies contrary to the will of God because of money. While we do not condone homosexual acts or unions because they are sinful, however, we wish to condemn in strongest terms those inciting violence against homosexuals and those guilty of homosexual acts or unions.

Unfortunately, but unsurprisingly, sites like Radio Vatican have not reported on the call to imprison homosexuals in their mentions of the letter.

This move by Malawi’s bishops comes at a time when opposition to same-sex relations by Christian leaders in the region is mounting.