Top Massachusetts Judge’s Son Indicted On Hate Crime Charges

Cook County Sheriff

Matthew Kafker, a Northwestern University freshman, has been indicted on three charges after he and a friend, Anthony Morales, spray-painted the inside of a campus church with bigoted, anti-Semitic and homophobic slurs.

“Kafker was charged with institutional vandalism, hate crime in a church, and criminal damage to property after defacing the school’s Alice Millar Chapel early Friday morning, authorities said. Along with slurs against African-Americans and gays, a swastika, and a male reproductive organ, Kafker [and] Morales, spray-painted the word “Trump,” authorities alleged.”

As it turns out, the college freshman also happens to be the son of a widely-respected jurist, Justice Scott L. Kafker, who serves on the state’s appeals court. Speaking on Kafker’s qualities to serve, Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker said upon nominating him last year, “[Kafter is an] esteemed jurist that I am confident has the ability to lead this influential court in its mission of rendering thoughtful, well-reasoned appellate decisions timely and efficiently and treating all those who come before the court fairly and impartially.” Kafker’s office declined to comment.

The reaction, however, was swift and unequivocal. Northwestern President Morton Shapiro said, “On behalf of the entire Northwestern community, I express our shock and dismay at the abhorrent act of vandalism committed last night in Alice Millar Chapel in which racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, and other offensive graffiti was spray-painted on walls, offices and even the organ.” Schapiro told Northwestern faculty, staff, and students that the students had been placed on interim suspension, university officials said.”



Matthew Kafker (left), 18, and Anthony Morales (right), 19, were charged Saturday in connection with “offensive graffiti” found in a Northwestern University chapel.

Governor Baker was equally as outraged. “There is absolutely no place in society for this type of despicable behavior.”

Incidents of hate crimes have steadily been on the rise and many see Republican nominee Donald Trump as the main cause. Trump has repeatedly denounced violence as a means of protest while, at the same time, stoking the incendiary feelings of his supporters.

Kafker and Morales are due back in court Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the Cook County state’s attorney said. They were booked at Cook County Jail on Saturday and released on bond the same day.