Cruz-Associated Pastor Calls For Execution Of Girl Scout Leaders For ‘Promoting Homosexuality’

Ted Cruz has aligned himself with some questionable characters, but Kevin Swanson takes the cake. This “pastor” has repeatedly called for the execution of gay people and now he’s at it again. His target this time? The Girl Scouts. Swanson dedicated a radio program last week to criticizing the organization for supporting women’s and LGBT rights, going as far as to say that the group’s leaders should die.

Swanson has now for years been calling for “a boycott of Girl Scouts cookies and accusing the organization of promoting communism and turning girls into lesbians,” reports the Right Wing Watch. As a result, he’s calling for the literal application of “Jesus’ teaching that it would be better for someone to have a millstone hung around their neck and thrown into the sea rather than cause a child to sin.”

“You’ve got to take what He says and you have to apply it,” said Swanson.

By the way, Swanson also has beef with the Girl Scouts for promoting movies like Harry Potter and How To Train Your Dragon for featuring “homosexual mentors provided to little boys.” He dropped that little nugget at a rally Cruz spoke at.

If all this talk of cookies sounds familiar, it’s probably because Franklin Graham recently urged his fans to boycott Girl Scout cookies over the group accepting trans members. In a completely expected move, Swanson has praised him and lamented that Graham is “being persecuted by the gay Borg” for his “courageous stand.”

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Following Cruz’s appearance at Swanson’s event in Iowa last November, his campaign deflected questions about his appearance but ultimately defended it. It took a month before the Cruz campaign finally, but quietly, admitted that it was “a mistake” to attend the rally.